Job Analysis, Job Descriptions and Person Specifications

The first steps in any new recruitment campaign, in creating job families, in the latest performance management cycle, in learning needs analysis, in writing personal development plans, is the updating of job descriptions.  Who undertakes this vitally important task can vary:  incumbents, line managers, HR staff, or a combination of all three.  As no single individual or function is wholly responsible, the job is often left undone or is rushed and done badly.

Oakwood International works with organisations worldwide in both the private and public sectors.  We help our clients to create realistic systems and time scales to update ALL the job descriptions in a function or an entire organisation.  We train and mentor everybody involved in the importance of the task and provide guidance on best practice.  The bespoke nature of our consultancy means that you will only get the practical and professional solution that your unique situation requires.  Oakwood's wide experience and perspective means that we will ensure that you do not miss out on best practice and good ideas from other organisations.

If you and your organisation need bespoke consultancy to meet strategic business needs, contact Oakwood now for a discussion of how we can help.  The first exploratory and explanatory meeting is free.

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