6 Top Tips for Staff Motivation

Find out how to keep your staff members motivated in the workplace

Coming into the same office every day for however many hours can take its toll, even on those who love their job. That’s why it’s important to do what you can to keep everyone focused and on top form.


This is a broad umbrella term that includes everything from choosing when and where you work to simply choosing whether you come in at nine or nine thirty. The idea is to give your staff some choice in their working life. This is especially important for those with children, but generally it’s a nice perk for everyone. Not all businesses can go too far with this depending on the service they’re offering, but even something small will be beneficial. Allowing people to choose when their lunch hour begins is a good place to start.

Friendly Competitions

While plenty of companies make use of targets and bonuses, there’s always some scope to offer some more light-hearted competitions and prizes. Rather than being based around sales or some other KPI, you could make up a competition about who makes the most drinks for the office or which team is the best dressed. It’s a good way to build up some friendly rivalry and a way to give out some nice little gifts to staff too.

Celebrate your staff

Whether it’s for personal milestones or just a birthday, it’s nice to let staff know their appreciated. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. A card signed by the entire office or a small treat can do the job well enough. While we all love massive gifts, the thought still goes a long way.
Ensure managers and staff don’t become too separated
There always going to be various levels of superiority in the office, and when this is done badly resentment can hit motivation hard. It’s integral to remind everyone that they’re on the same team. Make sure managers and the staff below them interact and work together, while avoiding giving those higher up any special treatment. If a regular staff member can’t leave work early, neither can the managers. 

Offer regular appraisals

Making sure staff members get individual and constructive attention is important for keeping them engaged and motivated at work. It’s a way to show appreciation that benefits both the worker and the company. Be sure to put personal development at the centre of the appraisals, but also give time to listen to any concerns or worries the employee has as well. As we’ve noted before, any objectives you set in these types of meeting are worth making known to the whole office as well.

Offer training and the chance to learn new skills

Another excellent way to get your staff motivated is to get them trained, whether it’s adding to their existing skills or helping them learn entirely new ones. This makes employees feel like the company is invested in their improvement and that’s something everyone can appreciate. Then there’s the added benefit of having a more valuable staff member than before once the training is complete.

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