CIPD Membership and Oakwood International

The benefits of CIPD membership

All Oakwood International students will need to join the CIPD as ‘Student Members’ as soon as they start their qualification.  Membership ensures that they have full access to the CIPD website and all student areas.  

Students will find a wealth of research and reading materials that will support the workshop training they undertake during their qualification. In addition it is essential that students are able to view and work with the CIPD HR Profession Map in order to complete their assignments.  The information regarding this is also located within the student membership area of the website. 

As well as joining the CIPD when the programme starts, students will need to make sure that their annual Membership is renewed. Certificates cannot be applied for when the qualification has been successfully passed unless Membership is up to date. 

Once the qualification is achieved, students will then be able to use the Post Nominal designation Assoc. CIPD after their name.

There are other levels of CIPD Membership that may be applicable following successful completion of the course. For further information please go to;

So, please do join as soon as you begin your CIPD qualification with Oakwood International and start gaining the benefits of Membership straight away!

For more information about our programmes please see our CIPD information pages or contact us directly at

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