Interview with Hind Al Hosani, HRBP, Etihad Airlines

What are the benefits of studying for a CIPD Qualification with Oakwood International?

1.    Why did you choose to study CIPD?

Skill enhancement - I want to upskill myself and be a regional HR manager for Etihad commercial.

2.    How do you think CIPD will help you expand in your own personal and professional career in HR?

I learnt a lot about coaching and how to negotiate well in change management and how to be part of a successful HR team by being proactive vs reactive. I learnt that I need to be more strategic in my role by setting clear plans and I learnt a lot about time management – every minute counts! I met really nice people and it was a very good group.

3.    Do you believe your career opportunities will improve as a result of achieving this qualification?



4.    Why did you choose Oakwood International?

I received very good feedback from my organization; Oakwood International has a strong reputation and has a good approach of bringing diversity of students in their classes. We get to interact and network with students from other organisations.


5.    What is your experience of the trainers, the classroom and the Oakwood International learning experience?

Tutors are diverse, helpful and have good knowledge.  Each one has a different style, and examples, and I like that they are strict and disciplined with regards to being on time, use of phones and chit chat during class. We need more classroom activities as they are very useful and effective.


6.    What is the one piece of learning that has been most valuable to you?

Change – we go through a lot of changes both personally and professionally.


7.    What has your experience been like with Oakwood International Online Service?

Really good…Oakwood International has saved me in terms of help…all of the staff were very helpful and adapted to my schedule, Ameera and Nikki were amazing and flexible.


 8.    Would you recommend Oakwood to others?



9.    Is there anything you would suggest that Oakwood could do better?

More classroom activities, materials were very rich and very helpful and this impacts you professionally and personally.


10.    In one word how would you describe Oakwood?


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