Student testimonial from Abdulmajeed AlQusaibi, Saudi Monetary Agency

The experience was amazing, excellent support, almost perfect. I had an excellent experience for Levels 3 and 5!

1.   Why did you choose to study CIPD?

I preferred the British system and did my level 3 with Oakwood International which gave me the knowledge and the reflection which was great. I then decided to take level 5 as it will add value to my knowledge which gives me the opportunity to research and gives me a sense of achievement.

2.   How do you think CIPD will help you expand in your own personal and professional career in HR?

I have considerable HR experience, however I wanted more knowledge on Organisation Development, Organization Design and Learning & Development and how I can implement this in my organization. This will reinforce my HR knowledge.

3.   Do you believe your career opportunities will improve as a result of achieving this qualification?

Of course! In Saudi Arabia, it is an essential requirement to be certified as a minimum of level 3 Associate CIPD and desirable as level 5 and I want to grow in HR.


4.   Why did you choose Oakwood International?

Three years back, when I did my level 3, Oakwood International were perfect and are even better now! Although, we have a Saudi provider, I told my company to only go with Oakwood International.


5.   What was your first impression of us as a company?

I was referred from someone (a friend) and there were constant referrals from people due to Oakwood International’s excellent reputation in Saudi Arabia – Leslie Jones and Scott Hunter are well known in Saudi Arabia. It is excellent to be engaged with the Saudi market as we are going towards the Saudi vision and the HR fund supports training.


6.   What is your experience of the trainers, the classroom and the Oakwood International learning experience?

They were amazing, we learnt a lot, Les gave us the foundation for level 5, he has the knowledge and knows the course well. There was consistency of quality across all three modules.


7.   What can you say about the level of experience of the trainers?

It was excellent for me and I learnt more and more especially for the hidden areas such as organizational design and employee value proposition which has given me the knowledge and confidence.


8.   What is the one piece of learning that has been most valuable to you?

Organization development, organisation design and employee value proposition; These areas are crystal clear to me now and we know more techniques and have more knowledge about them.


9.   What is your overall experience of Oakwood International as a learning provider? Would you like to do Level 7?

I plan on doing level 7 in two years’ time. Oakwood international is simply amazing - the group exercises, group discussion and assignments! I’m a fan of the CIPD and Oakwood International!


10.   What has your experience been like with Oakwood Online Service?

 Very interactive and an open channel for communication.

11.   Would you recommend Oakwood International to others

I will keep recommending Oakwood International to everyone!


12.   Is there anything you would suggest that Oakwood International could do better?

To allow flexibility to students to propose their own model for organization design – maybe an assignment of 500 words to explain it.


13.   In one word how would you describe Oakwood International?



14.   What has been the biggest impact or change to your working life since starting the CIPD journey?

Level 3 gave me the foundation, and level 5 enabled me to become more business savvy and more attention focused to the external environment.


15.   What have you liked most about studying with Oakwood International?

Everything; trainers, materials are amazing (textbooks and workbooks) and even the facilities.


16.   What would you say to other HR professionals that have not yet studied CIPD?

Go and study and use Oakwood International as a provider, the experience was amazing, excellent support, almost perfect. I had an excellent experience for levels 3 and 5!


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