Interviews with our CIPD Foundation Level students

Thank you to Abdullah Al Eisa, Maha Al Zubaidy and Zohaib Ahmad from Cohort HRP 42 for giving us your feedback.

1.      Why did you choose to study CIPD?

“It will link the updated applications of HR practice to our HR challenges. It is considered one of the globally recognised qualifications.” Abdullah Al Eisa

“I chose to study to gain the theoretical knowledge for the practical knowledge that I already had.” Maha Al Zubaidy


2.      How do you think CIPD will help you expand in your own personal                    and professional career in HR?

“Not only is it a tool for my growth, but it also allows me on all the in-depth HR knowledge that I was not exposed to previously.” Maha Al Zubaidy

“I came to learn many aspects of HR and how it works, but prior to my CIPD experience, I had very little information on HR’s role and contribution to the organisation, but I now realise that they not only support but drive the organisation.” Zohaib Ahmad 


3.      Why did you choose Oakwood?

“It’s one of the approved and recommended providers through our training department in our organisation, which is based on their evaluation and assessment of the multiple training providers. We heard a lot of positive feedback compared to other providers.” Abdullah Al Eisa

“Oakwood International was recommended by one of my senior managers who did level 5 with Oakwood International.” Zohaib Ahmad


4.      What is your experience of the trainers, the classroom and the                             Oakwood learning experience?

“The trainers are very experienced and it was a very dynamic experience, with two-way communication and everyone was paying the full attention and the participation was extremely high compared to the other training courses I have attended.” Abdullah Al Eisa

“Overall it was excellent and everything was perfect. The trainers are knowledgeable, excellent and supportive to clarify all concepts.” Zohaib Ahmad


5.      What would you say to other HR professionals that have not yet                         studied CIPD?

“I think that it’s not just a supplementary qualification – it should actually be mandatory - that’s how helpful it is!” Maha Al Zubaidy

“I would say they must go and update themselves and it gives you an added advantage over others who do not have the qualification.” Zohaib Ahmad


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