CIPD Intermediate Diploma Testimonials

Testimonials from Managers at BAE Systems

In an environment where I am seen as the SME and mostly my advice is given and received without question I am now equipped with the insight to involve others in discussing matters relating to the impact on the employees. Programme materials are extensive and relevant in supporting my objective to achieve my Level 5 qualification.

Steve Parkhouse, BAE Systems

I really enjoyed this course, the topics covered, how they were delivered and most of all; I really enjoyed completing the assignments which helped to reinforce what had been discussed in class.  This course has given me a real hunger for further learning.

Manager, BAE Systems

I have been surprised at the level of influence the development has had.  Although in and around L&D and HR in general for many years I have found myself paraphrasing level 5 content and (I think) further enhancing our HRs service offering and professionalism.  From experience I believe you know when something is right but I have found myself backing up stakeholder discussions with clear and relevant research.

Manager, BAE Systems

It was an excellent course, very well structured and professionally delivered - it was evident that a lot of work had gone into developing the course.  Oakwood have a product they can be proud of and I’m sure it will get even better as the content matures.  I was particularly impressed with the structure of the material provided through the slides, workbooks and off-the-shelf course books which were expertly designed to prepare the students for completing the assignments.  

The time in class was well structured to satisfy the various learning methods of the group, keeping everyone fully engaged throughout the day, maximising the learning opportunities for the group and individuals in the group.  I have worked in HR for 8-years and I found this course really informative. 

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