Oakwood's Mission, Vision & Values

What drives Oakwood as a business? What are we passionate about?

Our Mission

To be one of the foremost providers of CIPD, CIM and ILM training and qualifications. To provide bespoke learning events and programmes, and related consultancy to businesses around the world. To deliver an unsurpassed service to client organisations and students by working alongside in-country partners and with trusted associates.

Our Vision

• To approach opportunities, adversities, challenges and changing circumstances with honesty, positivity, intelligence, hard work and a sense of humour. • To be exemplars of best practice in Human Resource Management (HRM), Learning and Development (L&D) and the wider business community. • To work with partners who share our mission, vision and values and who want to work with us. • To win and deliver business wherever CIPD, CIM and ILM accredited programmes are recognised as the HRM and L&D standards of best practice.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity 

To adopt an open-handed approach in all of our dealings with learners, clients, staff, associates, partners and all others with whom we come into contact.

 Excellence in Customer Service
To strive to deliver a level of service that delights our clients and to maintain high quality client contact and feedback as an ongoing high-level priority.

Team Work
To keep, whenever possible, all the Oakwood Team informed of all existing and new work and initiatives, to encourage Team members to collaborate directly with each other, to encourage Team members to lead in their own areas of competence and confidence, and to seek and use their assistance in setting and maintaining overall corporate direction. 
Meeting the Challenge of Change
To allow everyone in the Oakwood team the opportunity to challenge the status quo, decisions and practices and to encourage ownership of issues where staff are prepared to accept this. 
Cultural Respect 
To actively work and maintain a sympathetic understanding of The Middle East/Arabic culture, current Nationalisation programmes, and the development needs and career opportunities of people in this Region. 
To be exemplars of best practice