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Learn more about our CIPD, CIM and ILM courses and corporate solutions

Below you'll find a wide range of downloadable brochures that provide information on all of Oakwood International's CIM, ILM and CIPD courses. Find out what each level of our qualifications entail, and how they are structured, as well as what you can expect from the process. You can also find out more about our Corporate Solutions, such as our expert HR consultancy, Soft Skills training, and Competency Assessment. Oakwood has been delivering bespoke corporate solutions to businesses across the Middle East for over 15 years. Our team of specialist business experts have worked with a large number of businesses across the Middle East to improve their day-to-day running and return on employee investment. Download our brochures in PDF format below:

CIPD Qualifications - all you need to know
CIPD Foundation - About Level 3
CIPD Intermediate - About Level 5
CIPD Advanced - About Level 7
ILM Qualifications - all you need to know
ILM Foundation - About Level 3
ILM Intermediate - About Level 5
ILM Advanced - About Level 7
CIM Qualifications - all you need to know
CIM Foundation - About Level 3
CIM Intermediate - About Level 4
CIM Intermediate - About Level 6
CIM Intermediate Digital Diploma - About Level 6
CIM Advanced - About Level 7
The Oakwood CIPD course calendar 2018 - Dubai and Abu Dhabi
The Oakwood Corporate Brochure