Personal & Soft Skills Training

Personal & Soft Skills Training

Oakwood can design and deliver expert Personal Skills Training

Personal, or "Soft" Skills can often make the difference between real development and standard training. Developing personal attributes so that a staff member can interact effectively and harmoniously with other people can have great benefits for your business.

Oakwood has vast experience in building the personal skills of people in Senior Management positions, Line Managers and high-potential junior and specialist staff.

Oakwood appreciates the need to develop new and existing staff with programmes and courses in:
  • Communication 
  • Interpersonal Skills 
  • Personal and Career Planning 
  • Continuing Professional Development
Our programmes ensure best value for your people, and help to ensure employee retention. Personal Skills also ensure increased customer satisfaction and communication.

For a quote, or advice on what service is best for you, contact our dedicated business team today.

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