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Keeping It Real – how Oakwood International keeps up to date with the ever changing face of HR and L&D

The World of HR and L&D moves quickly and our intention is to fully equip our students with the most relevant examples.

By Fleur Blanford

Fleur is Oakwood's Head of International Studies and works in our UK Office
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 All of our students at whatever level of qualification they are studying for will be familiar with the high quality of learning materials Oakwood International convey in the workshops. The slides, handouts, practical and written assignments are all carefully designed to comply with specific criteria as well as to provide a really informative and enjoyable learning experience. As a training provider with 15 years’ experience in the Middle East, we also fully understand the necessity to provide a regional viewpoint in the examples and illustrations we use.

In addition to this, our associate trainers are experienced and skilled individuals who come from a wide range of relevant ‘real – life’ backgrounds. Their knowledge of the subjects they train is second to none and the level of discussion and debate is stimulating and thought provoking encouraging critical thinking and analysis. Workshops are lively interactive environments where ‘talk and chalk’ methods are never used.

The combination of our materials, delivery methods and the team who train them ensure that we are meeting the requirements of the Awarding Body (CIPD, ILM or CIM) as well as providing students with the practical tools to take back to their organisations for immediate implementation.

Every few years the Awarding Body (CIPD, ILM, CIM) will make alterations to their ‘curriculum’ which results in complete changes to the qualification structure. The development team at Oakwood UK are then required to re-design the programme in its entirety in line with the quality assurance and compliance requirements. This allows for a total review of all the materials and very often the re-writing of assignments and assessments.

Although this is huge task for Oakwood (and all learning providers affected by changes) it is a necessity to ensure that the very latest models are being utilised, that core reading texts are up to date, that any research activities are referring to the very latest thinking. However, Oakwood don’t wait to be told of changes every three years or so – we actively seek them out and constantly review and update our materials.

The World of HR and L&D moves quickly and our intention is to fully equip our students with the most relevant examples with which to illustrate our workshops.  As such, all our associates ensure that they are well read and informed as to the latest thinking and research activities in respect of the unit they are delivering. We know our students are bright and well informed – particularly about regional matters. As such, we must be able to respond to questions and be well versed in critical changes and activities locally.


 Oakwood International creates our programmes around the very specific needs of our students. There are four critical factors for us when we are designing, delivering and refreshing our content:

We are introducing Podcasts and TedTalks as part of our delivery and ensure that these are reviewed and revised regularly. Our trainers will advise the UK office of any specific research they have undertaken in support of specific topics and these are cascaded to the other associates to integrate within their delivery. We keep our ears and eyes on the ground for regional changes and ensure that the very latest thinking is incorporated into our materials.

Ensuring that students are able to relate their learning to immediate practical application in the workplace is considered by Oakwood International to be of paramount importance. As such, the information we share must be relevant and reliable as well as meeting the standards of the qualification specification for which they are studying. 

By ensuring we are ‘keeping it real’ enables our students to achieve great results in their assignments – in no small part because the content is meaningful and current.


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