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Key Themes of the CIPD Level 3 Diploma in Learning and Development

Getting L&D right from the start.

By Harry Puckering

Harry is Oakwood's Associate Consultant and works in our Associate Team
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Oakwood’s CIPD Foundation Level 3 L&D programme is all about practically running L&D functions as effectively as possible.  It is not concerned with the analysis or comparison of different academic theories about the science of learning.  Instead, you receive Oakwood handouts and a CIPD textbook.  Student membership of the CIPD (a necessary part of the programme) gives you access to all the CIPD’s own research, theory and best practice reports.  That – and your own in-company information like prospectuses and annual reports – is all you have to read and report on.

All of your assignments – both the in-class practical assignments and the written assignments you do in your own time between modules – require you to analyse, describe or demonstrate how L&D happens in your own organisation. You compare your experience with best practice from the wider business world, from Oakwood and the CIPD.

In the first module of the Oakwood CIPD Foundation Level 3 Diploma in L&D, the key themes are:

  • How the L&D function helps contribute to the organisation’s values, vision, mission and objectives.
  • How the entire L&D role is founded on Learning Needs Identification and Analysis.
  • ‘Solving the mystery’ of designing effective L&D interventions based on learning needs and objectives, an understanding of learning styles and preferences, a familiarity with the resources available and access to other designers’ good ideas.

The first unit, 3LDO L&D and the Organisation, introduces the qualification and gives a summary of the L&D functions within an organisational context. You'll develop your understanding of how L&D activities support an organisation's values, vision, mission, strategy and culture, and assist in achieving corporate objectives.

The second unit, 3LDN Identifying L&D Needs, focuses on collecting and analysing the information you need before you can design, change and/or choose the L&D interventions managed by your function. You'll learn about the three stages of learning needs:  Organisational/strategic, Occupational/functional and Individual. You will practise the essential skills of identification and analysis in an assessed case study.

In Module 1’s third unit, 3DES Designing L&D Activities, gives you hands-on experience of planning and creating new training events, and discusses the design of other L&D activities such as e-learning, job rotation and assigned project work.

The overarching theme of this whole module is Getting L&D right from the start:  basing all L&D design, allocation and resourcing decisions on the present and future needs of the organisation, its managers and employees, and not on past precedent or bad habits.

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