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There is a real need in today’s world to find and nurture tomorrow’s Business Leaders.

We fully understand the need to keep our clients at the forefront in the “war for talent”. Developing for the future is top of Oakwood's people agenda. For this reason we provide ILM qualifications for Leadership and Management at all levels. Authentic and natural Leadership is a rare commodity today, it remains the most sought-after goal for most organisations. We recognise the need for visionary and charismatic individuals and we help businesses in their ongoing search.  Oakwood delivers a wide range of Leadership training across the UAE.  

 Oakwood International have been working with businesses and running Leadership Development and training programmes in the UAE for 16 years. We understand the difference between Management and Leadership and have expertise in developing Leadership abilities; working to build the behaviours, attitudes and characteristics of a positive and dynamic Leader. Oakwood knows that a key aspect of Leadership is the ability to demonstrate vision, values and a deep and true self-confidence. 

 As well as Leadership Training, Oakwood International also provides businesses with a full range HR Consultancy Services in Dubai and across the UAE. Oakwood has been working with businesses in Dubai and across the UAE to deliver HR consultancy services for 16 years. Our skilled team of expert associates can provide consultancy services to business to run bespoke development or in-house professional CIPD qualifications. Our specialist HR consultants also offer a strategic consultancy service to senior executives to drive business forward with insight and forward thinking.

Find out more about our Level 3, Level 5 and Level 7 ILM qualifications at our website or please call us on 04 3599 020. You can also email us for further details: info@oakwooddubai.ae


Leadership Development and Training In UAE