Online Learning: The Present & Future

As we shift more online, Oakwood are adapting

By Janine Bunning

Janine is Oakwood's Managing Director and works in our UK Office
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Oakwood International is proud to announce the launch of our new exciting “Workshops without Walls”. Many of you have already studied for qualifications with Oakwood that have changed your current career path and resulted in promotion and new opportunities within your employment sector.

It has never been more important to continue this journey. Once we are able to return to work, or a new form of work, it will give you a real advantage and a cutting edge to be studying for a professional programme. Even better to have professional qualification already under your belt. Whatever form our world takes, our experience has taught us it will be a competitive world, with many people seeking new employment.

As leaders in the international education and training marketplace, Oakwood has now helped thousands of students to develop their professional skills. Now that we have moved online and developed our CIPD, CMI and ILM Workshops Without Walls, we’re putting our 20 years of experience to good use: helping you to rise above the competition and stay ahead of the curve.

Our highly experienced team of facilitators have been with us all the way through this journey since 2001. Nothing much has changed since the pandemic; we just do our work from home and via video call. Their knowledge of our qualifications, your culture and preferred ways of studying, is second to none, and we know that is why our first Workshops Without Walls have been so successful.

So continue to put your trust in Oakwood and sign up with our new online, virtual programmes. These are filling up quickly, so get in touch and take this precious time at home to prepare for your future!

Take care and put yourself in safe hands with Oakwood International.

– Janine Bunning | Managing Director