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Our Programme Managers answer your key questions about studying for a CIPD qualification

Susan Joseph and Antonio Agustin share their answers to the main enquiries regarding studying with Oakwood.

By Fleur Blanford

Fleur is Oakwood's Head of International Studies and works in our UK Office
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I am a working professional, how much time will I need to take out of the office?

Oakwood has structured the CIPD programme in such a way that you need to take only five working days approximately every 6 weeks away from your organisations.  The Diploma programme is delivered in 3 blocks therefore the total workshop time is 15 days. In view of the benefits and advantages to organisations in having fully qualified HR or L&D Professionals we find that most employers are hugely supportive of this time investment.

Are the courses flexible?  What if work or personal commitments fall during the programme dates?

We encourage students to make every attempt to start and finish with the same cohort. The learning experience from undertaking the programme of study with the same group is highly favorable. Students must ensure that they are able to commit to the full programme in advance of registration and ‘block out’ personal commitments during any workshop attendance.

Unexpected work commitments do arise and we appreciate this – if this is the case we shall try to accommodate you on a future workshop – however, this could be some time ahead. We recommend that you provide your employer with the full schedule of dates when you register on the course.

Is it worth it? What will I get after doing the qualification?

There is a huge demand for CIPD qualified professionals. This qualification follows the internationally accepted HR standards and is the benchmark of professionalism within HR and L&D. 

It is very popular in the UAE and GCC countries and many government and large private sector companies specifically ask for CIPD qualified HR professionals. Greater opportunities for career development will arise if you are CIPD qualified. You will also be able to use the post nominal AssocCIPD after your name and, should you wish go on to take a higher level of qualification.

Are the assignments difficult?  Will I have time to do them as I am working?

We support our students from start to finish. The assignments are discussed in detail in class and as long as you attend, participate, take great notes and work hard you will have everything you need to equip you to write your assignments.  We have a dedicated student support team who give feedback every time you submit your assignments.

Time management is important and your ability to meet the deadlines for the assignments is dependent entirely on your commitment to the course. You must be prepared to make time outside of the classroom in order to write your reports. They are not lengthy or complex, they just need you to allocate some quiet time in which to do them. 

What if I relocate to another country, will I be able to submit my assignments then?

Once you have completed all your work shop input (15 days) you can submit your assignments from anywhere as they are sent on line to Oakwood International Online Services.

Do I automatically become a CIPD Associate Member after completion of the programme or do I have to apply for it?

When you successfully complete your qualification and pass all your assignments  you will automatically be an “Associate Member” of the CIPD as long as you are in full Membership at the time of completion. Students should join the CIPD as soon as they register for the course – this way they can access the full CIPD website and access a vast range of research material to assist with assignments as well as practical work related solutions, advice, forums etc

Can I change my study centre and study a module in another location?

As mentioned before, we strongly urge students to start and finish with the same cohort or group. It may be difficult to accommodate students moving location as courses are very popular and often full – this may mean some substantial delay in the completion of the course.

Students also sometimes ask about the level of English necessary to undertake the qualifications.

All our students are asked to undertake an English Language Test. This is a very straightforward assessment - students are simply asked to write a 250 – 300 word assignment. It is essential that all our students have an appropriate level of written and spoken English in order that they are comfortable with starting, and successfully completing the programme of study.

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