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Themes in Module 3 of the Oakwood CIPD Level 3 Diploma in HRP

Creating and maintaining a coaching culture, and change in organisations

By Harry Puckering

Harry is Oakwood's Associate Consultant and works in our Associate Team
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In Module 3 of Oakwood’s CIPD Foundation Level 3 Diploma in Human Resource Practice, the focus moves on a little from the previous modules.  Instead of looking at the day-to-day responsibilities of the HR function, Module 3 concentrates on two wider priorities for the organisation:  creating and maintaining a coaching culture, and anticipating, planning and managing change.

Key themes for this module are:

  • How moving toward a coaching and mentoring culture helps managers and the HR function shift the organisation into a higher gear.
  • The role of the HR function in anticipating, analysing, planning, introducing and managing organisational change

The first unit is 3LCM Supporting Individual Learning through Coaching and Mentoring.  In this you will discuss coaching and mentoring in comparison with other learning and development methods. You will plan how to overcome the challenges in introducing coaching and mentoring into your organisation.  You will practise and be assessed on your own coaching skills in conversations with your colleagues.

In the second and final unit of the programme, 3SCO Supporting Change within Organisations you will examine the main factors in the change process. You will look at why your organisation needs to change, taking into account significant internal and external drivers and inhibitors. You'll apply change models and different ways of managing change to case studies and to your own organisation.

The overarching theme of this module is the need for HR to move beyond what Dave Ulrich calls the Administrative Expert role into the Change Agent and Business Partner roles:  helping managers brief and delegate, monitor, review and evaluate; and working at all levels in the organisation to recognise, promote, enable and manage change.

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