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Top Ten reasons for choosing Oakwood International as your training provider

We continually strive to find new ways of ensuring that we offer the best possible opportunities for success.

Oakwood International is very much aware that you have a choice when making the important decision of choosing a training provider. Our student feedback tells us how highly we are thought of. However, we don’t take these endorsements lightly. We continually strive to find new ways of ensuring that we offer the best possible opportunities for success and empathise fully with our students who are working while studying.

We thought it would be helpful to provide a summary of the unique elements of the Oakwood International learning experience and hope that this will assist you when deciding in whom to entrust your training. Here are our Top Ten reasons as to why you should choose Oakwood International as your training provider:


1.       We have been working in the UAE for 17 years and have the experience to design our qualifications specifically with the regional requirements in mind.

2.       Oakwood International has a bank of highly experienced Associate Directors with many years of practical experience in the world of HR/L&D. We focus on the practical experience of the team and interactive delivery – not just lectures. There are plenty of practical classroom activities as well as networking opportunities between colleagues on your cohort.  A high level of debate and discussion is encouraged.

3.       Oakwood International has an 85% first time pass rate with 100% passing following any work that has been referred. The price the student pays includes as much feedback as is necessary in order to complete and succeed.

4.       As well as being an Approved Centre for the CIPD, ILM and CIM, our educational services permit has been approved by the Dubai Government's Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). Also, Oakwood International is a CIPD direct claim status centre – this means we have the highest possible rating with the CIPD for Quality Assurance and Internal Audit regulations

5.       Oakwood International is proud to attract a huge diversity of students from different backgrounds, and experiences. This leads to rich learning experience and enhances the enjoyment and interactivity of the workshops

6.       Oakwood International has a dedicated Student Support Team – turnaround time for marking usually around 21 days on average. We always provide developmental feedback provided where a student needs to do a little more work in order to achieve their results.

7.       We have a dedicated Student portal (Online Services) for the immediate electronic submission of assignments and a record for students to access.

8.       Course materials are continually updated. Oakwood associates and course developers move with the times and carefully monitor research articles and build the very latest thinking into delivery. We provide a large bank of student blogs and other articles which builds up to a ‘library’ of factual articles to support students in their assignments.

9.       Oakwood International fully understand that students may well wish to progress through the levels of qualification offered.  We have options for progression through the qualification levels – 3 to 5 to 7

10.   We are ‘preferred suppliers’ for many large multinational corporations; as well as understanding the needs of large multi nationals we are equally in tune with those of SME’s and independent organisations.

There are many more reasons to study with us and would very much like the opportunity to discuss your learning needs. Our Programme Managers are eager to help you with all your enquiries. Please call in to discuss your training and consultancy needs.

To find out more about our CIPD, ILM and CIM qualifications, please call us on 

04 3599 020 or email info@oakwooddubai.ae