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We Have a Winner!

We announce the winner of our Where's Oakie? Christmas Competition

Congratulations to:

Silviya Stefanova!

You have won our first ever Where's Oakie? Christmas Competition and will be the recipient of 400 DHS of Electronics vouchers.

The correct answer was Heritage Village, Dubai.

About Oakie

At Oakwood we are always looking for new ways to help our students to learn. Our research has shown that the brain works more efficiently when the body is engaged in some form physical activity resulting in an increased level of oxygen, in contrast to long periods of inactivity when sitting listening to someone talking. We want to ensure we give our students the very best environment and tools to learn effectively, therefore we have added the Oakie training toy to the Oakwood Team. Our students love him and he also has a tendency to pop up all over the world in all sorts of exciting locations!

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