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What are good sources of information for my assignments?

There are countless sources of information available to students when it comes to writing assignments.

By Saima Arfeen

Saima is Oakwood's Associate Consultant and works in our Associate Team
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The key to writing a meaningful and well-researched assignment is looking for reliable information and this requires sensibly investigating credible sources. The following list  includes a few highly regarded sources which provide a comprehensive and exhaustive list of data which students can refer to at the time of assignment writing:


Additionally, the CIPD website and a host of other HR related databases provide exceptional material and data for students to work with.


It is imperative that a delicate balance is struck and maintained when drafting assignments and relying on research material. While there may be an unlimited number of sources, it is only the credible and reliable ones that are deemed worthy and relevant to the assignment. The quality of information with proper referencing, depth and breadth of information is what gives students a competitive advantage from their peers. It provides educators evidence of students demonstration of their understanding, learning and practical application of the concepts learnt in class, with further research and validation in the form of a well-researched assignment.


Another aspect of ‘’good sources’’ is that they need to be multiple in order to show variety and diversity of research material. Textbooks, professional journals, research and PhD theses are classic examples of highly structured and key resources of information. Students need to demonstrate proficiency in evaluating what are their individual needs when answering assignments, searching and evaluating the credibility and quality of sources at their disposal in any shape or form, for example,  books, journals, and the internet to name a few. The integration of the information across multiple sources and the translation thereafter into their assignments is what educators are evaluating when reviewing the final product.


Writing an assignment is no less of an art; writing a well-researched assignment is no less than a feat. Read more on why assignment research is important and valuable  by visiting our blog page.

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