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What happens in the Oakwood training room?

At Oakwood International we ensure that we deliver beyond students’ expectations.

By Saima Arfeen

Saima is Oakwood's Associate Consultant and works in our Associate Team
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Students enroll for CIPD qualification training with a mixed bag of emotions and thought processes. Some come in wanting to up-skill themselves and others to gain a professional qualification as part of their career plan or organizational requirement.

Training rooms are learning environments where we have the opportunity to give students a memorable educational experience. This can be done by correcting the general, preconceived notion or misconception that the learning experience will be a monologue and more instructional than a holistic journey.

Two way learning

Our endeavor is for the training to be a dialogue and a two way learning experience where the trainers also get to learn from their students. The learning process aims to be holistic and collective with access to numerous training room resources in the form of PowerPoint slides, textbooks and workbooks. In addition, students also have full access to our online support services and resources from the Student Support Team.

Our training journey is one of listening and learning, communication, engagement and development, and to dig deeper into what students may already know but may not be consciously aware of. These are some of the many avenues which enhance the students learning experience.

During the training week, each day brings a new set of theories, concepts and skills which students learn and subsequently support and develop one another.

Our team of trainers ensures that each student has a unique learning experience drawing from the trainers’ experience and knowledge as well as sharing their own. We aim to facilitate the content and up-skill students through a comprehensive workshop, via group discussions, in class assessments, role plays, research and various forms of group work such presentations and case analysis. Questions and feedback are strongly encouraged by all of our trainers.

Students come in with the expectation of gaining a professional qualification and CIPD Certification. If they are committed to learning they achieve this and so much more. As well as completing the program through an enriching experience, students eventually build strong relationships with their fellow students. This extends beyond the program via WhatsApp groups and long-lasting friendships; walking in as strangers and walking out as friends.


We at Oakwood International appreciate that students of varying educational and professional experience, backgrounds and diversity come together for a training program and therefore some may require more support than others. With a mutual understanding and firm commitment, our trainers and Student Support Team will work closely with each student to ensure their learning needs are met through constant feedback and that the students are able to successfully complete the CIPD course.

Students can successfully complete the CIPD training program with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of empowerment having learned content that will help them grow both personally and professionally.

Our students are our pride and passion; through unrivalled student support and trainer experience, Oakwood International facilitates and works together in a partnership with our students towards the achievement of their exciting professional and personal goals.

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