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A-Z of Performance Management


Sadly, performance management is often associated with the once a year ritual called the appraisal. Cynical but true. But performance management is much more than the annual review. The process of performance management is an essential pillar of organisational success, aligning individual performance to organisational need.

About this course

This 2-day workshop will explore the entire ethos and process of performance management from the perspective of the busy operational line manager. It will focus on the essential process requirements of the performance management cycle from objective setting to the delivery of the formal performance review. The key stages in the process will be considered in detail together with the practical application of the essential skills such as communication and feedback skills.

In overview, the programme will cover:

  • Exploration of the key stages and interventions in the performance management process
  • Setting objectives (SMART and other forms of objective-setting) and how these are used
  • Performance monitoring techniques
  • Giving feedback, including difficult feedback 
  • Preparing for formal appraisal
  • Delivery of the formal appraisal (with feedback from an experienced line manager/facilitator)

A-Z of Performance Management - Course Outline

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