Oakwood's Dubai Team

Meet the team that runs our Dubai office and our UAE courses

Ameera Haris – General Manager

Ameera is an Associate Member of the CIPD with over 10 years’ experience in HR. Ameera is a highly motivated self-starter who builds long lasting relationships with customers and colleagues alike. Ameera’s new role will be to manage business, HR and financial operations to ensure that company goals are met efficiently and effectively.

Antonio Agustin – Programme Manager

Antonio started his sales career in the fields of insurance, manufacturing and FMCG after graduating Cum Laude with a degree in Communication. When he moved to Dubai in 2004 he joined the service industry as an administrator, but found his way into Business Development and Sales, specialising in the education sector. Antonio is a Programme Manager at Oakwood International, Dubai. Antonio is proud to add real value to individuals and organisations by helping those who want to, pursue a career in HR, Management and Marketing through becoming internationally qualified.

Failan Saleem – Marketing Director (CIM)

Failan's background is in professional selling, sales management, brand and general management, as well as in consulting, training and development. His role at Oakwood allows him to help students in their approach to practical marketing and sales. Failan is the Marketing Director of CIM at Oakwood International Dubai with specific responsibility for marketing and delivering the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) programmes at levels 4, 6 and now 7 at Masters level. Failan is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing as well as a multiple world prize-winning educator.

Vasiliza Jimenez – Financial Controller

Vasiliza has 10 years of experience working within the UAE in the finance and learning and development fields. Vasiliza has adopted a very versatile and flexible approach to her job, and enjoys stepping up to face the challenges that are presented in her role as the new Finance Director of the Dubai office.

Susan Joseph – Programme Manager

Susan has worked for 8 years in the UAE, working in various capacities; including sales & client relationships. Susan holds a Post Graduate Degree, and has enjoyed working in many different and diverse cultures.  Susan uses her interpersonal skills in her role within Oakwood International Dubai, guiding and advising students as to which is the best professional qualification to suit their individual needs.

Ameera Haris
Antonio Agustin
Failan Saleem
Vasiliza Jimenez
Susan Joseph