Coaching For High Performance

Coaching is seen as one of the rising stars in the world of L&D, and a powerful approach to unlocking potential and raising skill levels in the organisational context. However, many managers assume they are skilled coaches when they are, in effect, merely advising and telling. Coaching must be done professionally to have impact – this requires an understanding and ability to apply theory, practical skills and approaches.

About this course:

Many managers will often say that they agree that coaching is an effective management style, but that they simply do not have the time. What they mean in fact is that they do not have the skills!

This 3-day programme will explore the theory and practical application of coaching in organisations. It will focus on practical coaching application and how the learner can apply coaching skills in the reality of their organisational roles.

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Duration: 3 Days
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This course covers:

  • What Coaching is and how it adds value to the individual and organisation
  • How to plan a formal coaching programme
  • The importance of establishing the basis of a productive coach – client relationship, how to do this through contracting and how to maintain it
  • Coaching skills
  • Coaching models – how to conduct coaching using a range of structured approaches with emphasis on the GROW model
  • Conduct of a coaching session with feedback from an experienced coach

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