UAE Employment Law

In the field of Employment Law, nothing is more important than knowing your rights

About this course:

In the field of Employment Law nothing is more important than knowing your rights – from a personal standpoint and also legally. This Workshop will show you where you stand as an individual as well as from an organisational point of view.

The UAE Labour Law is not difficult to understand but it is often complex to interpret and fully appreciate. This Workshop will give you an insight into this important legislation, using up-to-date examples as well as real-life case studies, to help you through to a clearer and practical understanding of the overall topic.

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Duration: 2 Days
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This course covers:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of UAE Labour Law and the regulatory and enforcement trends at the Ministry of Labour
  • Understand different types of contracts
  • Understand and adhere to The Labour Law when recruiting
  • Manage the legal requirements that organizations must fulfil, to include salaries, end of service gratuity and other benefits
  • Understand employment disputes and the resolution process from the Ministry of Labour through the local courts
  • Review your HR Policies and Procedures and learn to benchmark them against best practice

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