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Many organisations place over-reliance on a traditional, CV-based interview. Research has shown that this approach has a 20% probability of identifying accurately how the candidate will behave on the job, were they to be selected. A better approach, one more likely to provide an accurate reflection of potential behaviour, is the competency-based interview.

About this course:

This 2-day programme will take the learner through every aspect of competency-based interviewing, from preparation, including the identification of relevant competencies and how these translate to essential knowledge, skills and behaviours, and how to conduct the interview using a range of techniques to explore a candidate’s potential.

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Duration: 2 Days
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This course covers:

  • The structure of a competency-based interview and how this is based on a detailed job analysis identifying the required competencies for a role
  • How to structure the competency-based interview
  • How to deliver competency-based interview questions to ensure a thorough exploration of client potential
  • The use of the competency-based interview proforma, which can be adapted to your own organisation’s needs
  • Deliver a full competency-based interview observed and assessed by a trainer with extensive experience

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