Wellbeing At Work

Wellbeing is the role of Staff, Managers, & Leaders

About this course:

The purpose of this 2-day workshop is to help HR professionals and other managers/leaders understand the benefits of wellbeing at work for organisations and employees, and how to develop and implement a wellbeing strategy.

The Wellbeing At Work Short Course is perfect for HR and Line Managers and other support Staff who are responsible and accountable for the health and wellbeing of employees, Senior Leaders have a duty of care in this area, and all Staff who have the well-being of the organisation at heart.

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Duration: 2 Days
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This course covers:

  • To obtain a clear understanding of what “Well Being” means for all
  • To explain why it is becoming increasingly important
  • To discuss the benefits for the organisation and for the Staff
  • To help participants in planning a “Well Being at Work” operational plan
  • How to recognise how organisational culture affects wellbeing
  • How to recognise when others need help – when and how best to give it
  • How to construct a strategy as opposed to one-off initiatives

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