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What is an ILM Qualification?

An ILM Qualification is designed to take you to the next level of skills in Management and Leadership. The ILM is a premier body with experience in the field of Leadership and Management in the UK and internationally. Currently there are over 500,000 members that have joined a world-wide network of 2,000 approved centres.

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Students worldwide join ILM programmes each year to:

Enhance their Management and Leadership skills

Significantly increase their earning potential

Boost their career opportunities in multiple industries

Learn new skills to better their professional lives

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About our ILM Qualifications

Oakwood’s ILM qualifications are practical and applicable to any workplace. We ensure learning is transferred directly to the work environment. This delivers maximum and immediate benefit to any individual professional or organisation. We know the importance you place on quality and ensure you have peace of mind when you choose to invest your time in us. We not only meet, but often exceed the quality requirements of our accrediting body.


Oakwood is a KHDA-approved provider of accredited ILM Programme in the UAE. This means your certification will be recognised throughout the UAE and the Middle East. This also means that your ILM certificate and awards will be stamped and approved by the KHDA and the Government of the UAE. Oakwood normally offer a range of courses throughout the year, and all our qualifications are online. Our online qualifications are live with your expert tutor and interactive with a whole class.

Available ILM Courses:

The ILM is committed to helping organisations to thrive and grow through the application of industry defining leadership development. From experienced managers through to young workers wanting to feel more confident in making important decisions, the ILM helps individuals and organisations realise the potential they never knew they had. We offer the following qualifications:


Study Live Online

All of Oakwood’s ILM qualifications and courses are currently online and virtual. Our online qualifications are interactive, live classrooms that enable you to get an ILM qualification from the comfort of your own home or office, while interacting with other students and your expert tutor. Apply today to start your journey to success!

International Student Support

Via our offices in Dubai and London able to offer unparalleled support to our students across the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. Our Student Support Team provides 24/7 support and in-depth assignment feedback to students via our online Student Portal.

We support you not only throughout your qualification but as an Oakwood alumni.

What our students say...

My CIPD Level 5 qualification has given me a critical insight into strategic HR and equipped me to discuss matters that have a direct impact on employees across the business. Oakwood’s programme materials are extensive and I received valuable support to complete my assignments.

  |  CIPD Level 3

Go and study and use Oakwood International as a provider, the experience was amazing, excellent support, almost perfect. I had an excellent experience for levels 3 and 5!

Abdulmajeed AlQusaibi, Saudi Monetary Agency

Oakwood was excellent in explaining concepts and was very clear and to the point. He could transfer knowledge easily and also supported this knowledge by using examples. Many thanks to him.

Cohort HRM7OM

Scott is one of the best trainers I have personally met from Oakwood. He is confident, knowledgeable and very engaging.

Cohort HRM7OM

The trainer had a wonderful way of delivering the goals of the course and it was a great experience.

Cohort HRP46D

The trainers are very experienced and it was a very dynamic experience, with two-way communication and everyone was paying the full attention and the participation was extremely high compared to the other training courses I have attended.

Abdullah Al Eisa

Martin was very dedicated to ensuring all delegates had a good understanding of all the material/learning. He was highly engaging and provided interesting case studies from his own experience and learning. Martin is culturally sensitive and considerate.

Ahman Singh

Overall it was excellent and everything was perfect. The trainers are knowledgeable, excellent and supportive to clarify all concepts.

Zohaib Ahmad

I would definitely recommend Oakwood International to others who are interested in studying for their CIPD. The Support Team are amazing and the most helpful staff.

Md Hassan

The team is very supportive and reply to emails very quickly. They answered all of my online questions with regard to the assignments. Please pass on my thanks.

Halfa Abdul

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