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Making Teams Work

An inclusive digital diagnostic that uniquely identifies your team’s bright spots and growth opportunities against the eight core habits shared by all high-performing teams.

Using Meta Team’s unique algorithm, developed from work with hundreds of teams worldwide, we map out your personalised team journey made up of 90-minute facilitated workouts to accelerate the cohesion, collaboration and breakthrough performance of your team.

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What Meta Team offers:

  • An inclusive team diagnostic that generates original output taking into account the views of each team member, the team leader, the team leader’s manager and the team’s most important stakeholders.
  • The identification of your team’s high impact behaviours in a sequence that accelerates your performance gains.
  • Complete customisation and personalisation of your team development journey, supported by tried and tested content.

A proven approach:

We found that the best performing teams share eight successful habits and are 23% more productive than teams that do not.

The outer habits

The top half of the diagnostic maps the external habits that contribute to your Team’s impact. They measure key behaviours and ways of working that drives high performance for your team.

The inner habits

The lower half of the diagnostic maps the internal habits that are the foundations of your Team’s effectiveness. The inner habits reflect how your team works together to unlock their full potential.

Working with leading psychologists from Harvard and McKinsey, we developed a tool for teams and leaders that’s simple to master.

Tailored to individual teams and their working environments

Targeted to remove barriers to change, helping teams get unstuck

Designed for the new world of work, helping teams adapt and thrive

Teams say multiple priorities are pulling them in different directions.
79% are distracted


Each team’s success comes from both a deep understanding of themselves and from constantly challenging, evolving and achieving to go to their next level.

In order to understand your team on a deeper level, we ask each member, including the team leader, line manager and key influencers to score the team on a 1-10 scale against 32 statements. This takes about 15 minutes to complete.

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Most diagnostics tell you what the problem is, but do not help you fix it. 

Once the diagnostic is completed our algorithm instantly calculates the sequence of habits the team needs to work on in order of the biggest impact to the team. It provides confidence to the team that they are starting in the right place. Consequently, the speed of change and adoption is fast.

The Debrief

The facilitators are given tremendous insight prior to interacting with the team. Teams make progress at immense speed because of the resulting full customization. A full debrief firstly with the Team Leader on their own and then with the Team. We explore the blind spots and why they exist.

The debriefs prepare the team leader and the team and underline that the TEAM has created the content, demonstrating the relevance of the development journey ahead.

90 minute impactful and focused workouts with the team

Meta Team delivers its programmes in any format but principally has mastered how to deliver global programmes to large or small teams virtually in bite sized 90-minute workouts that fit in with the work of our client’s everyday business.

Who is it for?

Meta Team is for Teams, Team Leaders and organisations who are committed to taking the performance of their teams to the next level and works for any team with 4 – 20+ people from SMEs to Fortune 500

How often does your team schedule time to talk about matters not directly related to the task at hand? For example, to talk about how they are working together and with their key stakeholders? To work on strengthening their habits to improve their performance?

Meta Team works with any type of team in any given situation.

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