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Oakwood International is committed to providing our students with the highest possible level of support throughout our CIPD, CIM and ILM training courses. We enjoy the opportunities of building lasting relationships and each student is considered as a person, not just a name. From the moment you begin your qualification you will have the confidence to know that a team of professional and dedicated individuals will be behind you all the way.  Our student support co-ordinators will ensure that you have the necessary, relevant and timely information you need to get you started and provide an unparalleled level of customer service throughout your journey with us.  Oakwood's highly qualified markers will ensure that you receive detailed, clear and valuable feedback for your assignments in order that the final outcome will be one of success! It's why we pride ourselves on an extremely high pass rate for all students who study for a CIPD, CIM or ILM programme. Our many years of experience in the region allow us to effectively communicate with students who may be studying with us in a second language and to appreciate and empathise with the rich cultural diversity this brings. Our Director of Studies also writes a Student Blog with essential tips and advice specifically for our students studying professional qualifications within the Middle East. Oakwood International has an exemplary record with each of our Awarding Bodies, and continues to demonstrate consistent outstanding provision and support upon which our reputation is built.  The Student Support Team looks forward to providing you with a warm welcome!

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Highest possible level of student support