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Deliver training with impact


You watch as your workshop attendees shuffle in and take their places, some of them late arrivals. From their body language, their lack of acknowledgement of you as their trainer for the day, and one or two comments you hear, it is obvious they would rather be elsewhere. This is going to be a difficult day!

About this course

So, how do you turn potential disaster into a resounding success? The answer is to deliver Training with Impact! 

Gain interest from the outset, tune into the learners’ needs as adults, and deliver training that maintains learner engagement throughout.

The 3-day “Delivering Training with Impact” workshop is designed to equip you with all the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to facilitate a training event with maximum success.

In overview, the programme will cover:

The programme is designed to be highly interactive with plenty of practical engagement from the “get go”. You will learn to:

  • Plan your training session to ensure learning is delivered in a structured way with intended learning outcomes covered in a logical sequence and in time to time
  • Ensure your learning content is has impact, drawing upon the very latest research and thinking in how adults learn
  • Introduce a training event to gain immediate interest right from the start
  • Overcome your nerves – gain confidence in your ability to deliver learning
  • Use questioning with confidence to draw out key learning
  • How to react positively to questions – from helpful to mischievous
  • Control your voice, body language and movements to project confidence and professionalism
  • Use a range of facilitation skills and methods to maintain the highest levels of learner engagement
  • Use supporting tools and materials effectively, including PowerPoint, handouts, flipcharts and SMART boards
  • Deliver a 30-minute portion of a training event, demonstrating the skills, knowledge and confidence you have learned, with detailed feedback from your trainer.

Train the Trainer - Course Outline

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