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A CIPD Success Story – Ameera Harris

General Manager Ameera shares her experience of studying CIPD Level 3

Firstly, it was a delightful experience. I am grateful to the MD (Janine Bunning) and CEO (Dennis O'Donnell) of Oakwood International for giving me a chance to do the programme. When I first started working with Oakwood International I was new to HR and the CIPD qualification was the perfect opportunity for me to enhance my knowledge in HR.

Oakwood believes passionately in Continuing Personal Development for all its employees. CPD offers many benefits:

About my career path 

I started my career as a Senior Office Administrator in International House Dubai. I was responsible for the smooth running of the office. Even though I was interested in handling the HR functions, my employer at that time was reluctant to assign me any job pertaining to HR as I did not have a background in HR. This is when I was asked if I was interested in pursuing the CIPD course with Oakwood International. 

CIPD Qualification

This was a golden opportunity for me as I knew that a CIPD qualification is the key to a brighter future. Oakwood International have been delivering high quality training services in HR since 2000 and I had personally been liaising with the successful CIPD students as part of my role. Upon receiving my CIPD qualification, I was promoted to the position of Office Manager and I was assigned some HR duties. The qualification helped me to build my confidence and motivated me to take up any challenges that came my way. I was able to add value to the company by giving new ideas that helped to update and refine the existing HR policies and procedures. 

Why take a CIPD course?

If you are looking for an opening in HR or a career growth in the field of HR, CIPD with Oakwood International is the answer. It is an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge and experience in HR. The Oakwood team offer a real breadth and depth of HR knowledge, as well as excellent customer service. They are always there to provide assistance and support to students and the Student Support Team always gave me helpful and detailed feedback on all my assignments. 

What was the highlight for me? I would say the highly qualified Associate Trainers!

Ameera Harris
General Manager, Oakwood International