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Caitlin Orr reflects on her work experience with Oakwood

Caitlin is studying for her A-levels at Nottingham Girl’s High School in preparation for a Business Management and Marketing Degree. She has also completed her Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

By Fleur Blanford

Fleur is Oakwood's Head of International Studies and works in our UK Office
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During my time at Oakwood International over the past two weeks I have really understood what it means to be a part of a team. Oakwood are a company that strive and emphasise the importance of their employees - without the people who work for Oakwood there would be no Oakwood. As a business they work together to overcome challenges, they also aim to highlight and improve their employee’s individual abilities.

Out of all the work experience placements I have been on, Oakwood has really stood out due to the wide variety of different challenges and tasks I have been assigned to do. I have felt extremely comfortable and welcomed within the company and from the beginning believed that my opinion mattered to them - rather than simply being sent to the back room to work on paperwork and admin!


From video and website analysis to personally setting up a new Oakwood Instagram account, not only has my time at Oakwood allowed me to try new things but it has helped me identify my own personal skills and where my strengths and weaknesses lie in this chose field. I believe that I have given Oakwood new and innovative ideas which they have encouraged me to think of for myself.


While working at Oakwood I have learnt a large amount about marketing and how social media for a business differs to personal usage. The various skills I have developed in analysis of social media reports, blog writing, marketing the Oakwood brand and finally how posts differ depending on the specific social media platform, has all contributed to solidifying my choice in studying Business Management and Marketing at university. These new skills also add to creating a more varied and attractive CV for potential employers. In the future, if I were to be assigned with certain marketing or social media tasks either whilst studying my degree or after, my experience at Oakwood has built a foundation of understanding from which I can draw knowledge from to complete the task with confidence and enthusiasm.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Oakwood, it has fuelled my passion to pursue what I have achieved at Oakwood as a career.