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How much time do I need to spend on my CIPD assignments?

What additional assignment time should be allocated outside of the training room?

By Fleur Blanford

Fleur is Oakwood's Head of International Studies and works in our UK Office
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Oakwood International delivers CIPD Human Resources and Learning and Development training programmes in an interactive classroom workshop format. 

However, in addition to this tutor led input, in order for students to complete their assignments, it will be necessary to spend some additional revision time on reading and research – as well as actually writing your assignments. 

Some students feel confident enough to revise their notes, handouts, slides and other materials they have used in the classroom and are happy to start writing their assignments straight away. Other students prefer to take more time in independent reading and research of their own before attempting their reports. 

Whichever approach you favour – at Foundation level it is important to remember that you will have been provided with all the responses to your assignments in class. You need to take good notes throughout your workshops though – we don’t provide the ‘answers’ but ensure that you have sufficient understanding of the topic at the end of each module in order to attempt your assignments.  You can also use your experiences of group work, practical skills demonstrations and even discussions you have had with your peers in class. Don’t forget your text books, websites (in particular the CIPD online Factsheets) and Workbooks are great resources too- and don’t forget your slides! 

At Intermediate and Advanced level, it will be necessary to delve more into the subjects and do some thorough independent research of your own so that you can demonstrate a greater breadth and depth of knowledge needed at these levels – as well as being able to critically analyse your findings – rather than simply describe or define them.

Therefore, typically, it would be true to say that the completion of Intermediate and Advanced assignments will take longer than Foundation. Assignments at each level also vary in length with word count and this is a further consideration regarding how much time you will need. 

You will be given lots of support and advice about this in class with your tutor. Assignments are fully briefed and the tutor will ensure that every student is confident to begin their reports. In addition you will also find our Student Blogs really helpful. In particular;

Successful Assignment Writing 

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Why assignment research is important and valuable

When you start your programme of study with Oakwood you will be provided with a contract which includes the dates by which we expect the assignments to be sent in following your workshops. For Foundation level you are allowed 4 weeks between the end of your workshop and when we need your assignments and at Intermediate level this is extended to 6 weeks. 

You can also start writing up drafts for your assignments in the classroom. Many students will use breaks and lunchtimes to do this and if they wish (and with the agreement of the tutor) arrive a little earlier than the official start time to the classroom to collate notes from the day before. 

It is hard to quantify exactly how much time is needed outside of the classroom – however, the more you put into the workshops the more you will get out and this will help with your assignment preparations considerably and lessen the amount of time you will need to complete your assignments.

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