HR in the UAE

Understanding and supporting HR and L&D Professionals in the UAE

Oakwood International have just returned from the HR Summit in Dubai. 

This was a fantastic opportunity to network with HR professionals, attend keynote speeches and drop into seminars. It is was great to meet with a range of past and potential students who popped by our stand to say hello and find out all about our exciting range of learning opportunities – whether studying for a qualification in HR or L&D for the first time or wishing to continue to the next level.

Why we attended the HR Summit

Oakwood International passionately believes that it is critical to have a presence at assemblies of this nature in order that we continue to hear first-hand about what is important to our students in the Middle East Region.  By discussing local issues we can ensure that our delivery of both HR and L&D qualifications remain current, relevant and linked to the real life requirements of working in an ever changing and challenging environment. 

The future of HR in the Middle East

With over 14 years of regional experience, the transformation which is occurring in the Middle East is well known and fully understood by Oakwood International. The creation of new vibrant industries; the changing workforce; the shift from a reliance on the oil and gas industries to what the CIPD refer to as ‘knowledge and innovation led’ markets and the way in which these elements are driven by economic and social factors results in both HR and L&D Professionals needing the backing of the very latest insight and awareness.  

Oakwood International are fascinated to learn about our students' experiences and have always drawn on these in order to tailor our learning environments to what is locally important to them. It is more critical than ever that training providers realise that Middle Eastern regional issues differ greatly from those of their Western counterparts and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ in terms of training solutions. 

CIPD in the UAE

In addition to the knowledge we gain by talking with, and listening to, our students, we also take seriously the evidence based research which is being undertaken by a range of highly credible organisations in the region. Not least of these is the CIPD themselves. 

The launch of the CIPD UAE Hub at the Summit will provide a much needed regional presence providing networking events, further summits and the building of close working relationships, as well as undertaking vital research projects looking at the ‘science’ behind HR and L&D  – all of which shall be highly relevant to the specific demands of the region. 

This knowledge enables the HR and L&D Professional to make what the CIPD term ‘value judgements’ based on a set of principals which will allow for courageous business decisions to be made in order to ‘create sustainable organisational value through people’. 

Oakwood International shares this vision. We recognise the need for these judgements to be well informed and reinforced by dependable data.  We welcome the arrival of the CIPD in the UAE and shall continue to work closely with them.  This will ensure that our students have every opportunity to be able to apply their learning to the requirements of their organisations - thereby projecting and future proofing sustainable growth for the Next Generation in the UAE. 

Please contact us for more information about our qualifications.

Fleur Blanford 
Director of Studies