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International House Dubai Closes Down

Our partner, International House Dubai, sadly closes its doors

International House Dubai has had to close its doors due to the passing of the school's owner 

About International House Dubai

International House Dubai was part of the International House World Organisation. It is an organisation committed to teaching excellence in language teaching and teacher training that owns a family of schools with 159 private and independently owned schools spanning 52 countries.

IH ran a school in the United Arab Emirates for many years, delivering language courses, teacher training courses as well as a portfolio of professional qualifications. Sadly, the owner of the school passed away and IH was closed as a result.

Oakwood and International House Dubai

International House Dubai was an Oakwood International partner. Together we delivered CIPD and CIM qualifications to students all over Dubai. This was a hugely successful relationship for many years until the closure of International House Dubai in December 2014. International House no longer operates in Dubai. 

Oakwood International has offered CIPD and CIM qualifications in many other countries across the Middle East for the last 15 years and together with International House Dubai we built a substantial demand for these qualifications in Dubai. As a result of the closure of the International House Dubai school, Oakwood International opened our own office in Dubai in February 2015 to continue the delivery of CIPD and CIM courses to students across the Middle East, United Arab Emirates and Dubai.

To find out more about our CIM courses and other professional qualifications, please contact us today.