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Oakwood International Students impress with achievement rates

Consistently excellent assignments from our students!

By Fleur Blanford

Fleur is Oakwood's Head of International Studies and works in our UK Office
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Oakwood International students are consistently producing excellent assignments in support of their CIPD qualifications. 

Students are required to meet the strict requirements of the CIPD in respect of classroom attendance and the completion of written and practical assignments. 

The assignments are designed with our international students in mind – many of whom are studying in a second language. Classroom workshops cover all the critical aspects of the qualification for which you are studying and you will be fully equipped to complete your written reports and in class practical assignments. 

We will never ‘abandon’ a student. As long as you send in your work, we will ensure that you successfully achieve the qualification for which you are studying.  On occasion, it might be necessary to do a little bit more in order to meet the criteria for a first time pass – however, over 85% of our students pass on their first attempt. Supported by detailed and comprehensive feedback, the vast majority of remaining students will pass on the second attempt.

The 85% first time pass rate is hugely impressive! Studying in a second language is difficult enough –  added to this unfamiliar and new terminology, learning about new topics and, in many instances students are working full time in demanding organisations and we applaud the fantastic achievements of Oakwood students.

If you would like further information about the completion of your assignments you might like to read our Student BLOG. You will find plenty of useful hints and tips to help you.  

Please read more about our CIPD qualifications here. Or contact us directly at info@oakwooddubai.ae