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Oakwood sees a 12 percent increase in students completing CIPD in the last year

One of the many things that the Student Support Team at Oakwood International really prides ourselves on is that we listen to you!

By Fleur Blanford

Fleur is Oakwood's Head of International Studies and works in our UK Office
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Whenever possible, what you are telling us in your assignments about regional activities, developments and cultural practices in HR and L&D is used in support of the continual improvements of our materials. Discussions are relevant and meaningful and the output of your assignments are, as a result rich in detail and highly significant to you, and your organisations.

In your evaluation forms you repeatedly tell us that your objectives are met and expectations exceeded. We know that you find your learning experiences valuable and effective and that we give you great support.

All this is fantastic news! 

Sometimes, you tell us that you would like to receive your assignment feedback and marks a little sooner.  Our Service Level Agreement is 30 working days from the time you submit your work through Online Services  – however, in many cases we will get back to you far quicker than that. We understand how important it is for you to know how you are getting on.
A few numbers might help to put in perspective the size of the Student Support Team operation at Oakwood and let you see how we manage your feedback.

Currently Oakwood International has almost 1,000 ‘live’ students. That is those who are still in the process of completing their studies and submitting their work.

The two graphs to the right will give an idea of the amount of work we manage;

As you can see, you keep us busy!

*These figures are based on the same time period for each year i.e 1st January to 13th October

Although as you can see we deal with a great many assignments, we treat every single one of our students as individuals. We take time to thoroughly read and mark your work. If you do need to do a little more we will provide you with full details of exactly what more you need to do to secure a PASS. We won’t give you the answers but we will remind you of what you have learnt in your workshops and how to apply this in your revised reports. 

So, please keep talking to us and we will keep listening and reacting to your comments. We hope that seeing the size of our operation will be of interest and help you to understand how we manage the feedback. 

We look forward to continuing to support you right through your qualification!