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Q&A with Kerry Lantsbury

Get to know our Business Support Executive a little better with this quickfire interview.

By Saima Arfeen

Saima is Oakwood's Associate Consultant and works in our Associate Team
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1.      Favourite Food?  I enjoy a curry if I have a takeaway or shepherd’s pie if it’s something I cook at home.


2.      Favourite Movie? I love St Andreas or any disaster movie. My favourite chick flick has to Pretty Woman.


3.      Person who inspires you most? My dad, he knows everything and has taught me all the good values to have in life.


4.      Things that you enjoy most? Happy people and shopping!


5.      What is your proudest accomplishment? I played for the England Under 15 Basketball Team and I did a sky dive for charity a few years ago. I am also very proud of my two beautiful children, Olivia aged 16 and George aged 10.


6.      Karaoke song? Flashdance – What a Feeling. I have sung it thousands of times and still think I am great!! 😊


7.      What is your dream holiday location? Funnily enough it is Dubai as my husband and I got engaged there. I would also like to go to Jamaica or the Maldives.


8.      If money were no object, what would you do every day? Well this could go on. I would always have brunch with friends, then go shopping, have endless beauty treatments and spray tans, and be driven everywhere!


9.      Best piece of advice you have received? Don’t ever give up on your dreams and keep smiling.


10.  Do you prefer to cook or order takeout? What would you cook/order? I love cooking and experimenting with different things, my latest dishes are Potato Bombs and Fajita Cake! Takeaways always cause major discussions  in our house as we all like different things.


11.  Who would play you in the movie of your life? Sandra Bullock


12.  What is your perfect weekend? With family and friends in a lovely log cabin skiing in the winter and in a villa with a private pool in the summer.


13.  What was your new year’s resolution for 2018? To lose weight and get fit. This can be copy and pasted every year!


14.  Give a brief summary of your life until now?

I started my career at 16 with Lloyds TSB. I worked on the dividend section within the Private Banking sector until 2001 when I had my daughter. I returned after 6 months and become an induction trainer and upgraded to an Assistant Manager. My husband and I divorced, and I then went to evening college and qualified as a beauty therapist and did that from home.

I met my current husband Jamie in 2006 and we had a son together. I then left the bank after 20 years and focused on my beauty business. I returned to office work a few years ago and was employed by a mailing company before joining Oakwood International in 2017. I love my job as Business Support Coordinator and Student Support Coordinator and have gained many friends here in our UK office.

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