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Top 10 Principles Of Effective Performance Management


What do you think?

By Les Jones

Les is Oakwood's Head of Associates and works in our Associate Team
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I am currently conducting research into effective performance management – a very big area. A focus area, one which will provide the foundations for further research, is to establish the features of good practice in performance management. 

A Google search provided conflicting and, quite frankly, fairly weak suggestions. 

So, I brainstormed and came up with, based on my experience, what the Top 10 Principles of Effective Performance Management should be. 

I would be very grateful for comment, suggestions, and input to my research based on these suggestions:

1. Honesty and transparency - Set a good example as a manager – be a role model.

2. Be clear on expectations e.g. goal setting, timelines.

3. Maintain frequent 2-way communications Create opportunities for everyone to speak and listen.
4. Provide clear goals (they don’t all have to be SMART)

5. Take time to understand what makes people tick – what are their strengths and weaknesses? Everyone is different.

6. Allocate tasks and challenges in line with individual need and capability

7. Delegate correctly – empower

8. Provide feedback regularly It is very important things don't build up. It is much easier to address everything as it happens than all in one go at the end of the quarter/year.

9. Provide praise where due (promptly)

10. Motivate – tune in to individuals – find out what sparks good performance

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