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Top Themes in Module 2 of our CIPD Level 3 Diploma in L&D

Delivering and evaluating high quality Learning & Development as well as managing your own personal development

By Harry Puckering

Harry is Oakwood's Associate Consultant and works in our Associate Team
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Module 2 of Oakwood’s CIPD Foundation Level 3 Diploma in L&D has as strong a practical focus as the first module.  You’ll be able to complete all the assignments based on your own experience, supported by your reading in the handouts, textbook and the CIPD website.

The key themes for this module are:

The first unit, 3DEL Delivering L&D Activities, starts by looking at the skills and resources needed to turn a ready-designed L&D session or programme into a living, breathing, participative and interactive event.  In the assignments, you will describe what is needed and also deliver an L&D event, assessed by an Oakwood Director.  You’ll be coached with feedback from the Oakwood Director and your colleagues on the module.

In the second unit, 3ELD Evaluating L&D Activities, you will concentrate on how to assess the reactions, learning and behaviour of learners and how to evaluate the effectiveness of learning interventions, events and programmes against learning needs and objectives, and wider business needs.

Module 2’s third unit, 3BEP Becoming an Effective L&D Practitioner will enable you to analyse your own and your L&D function’s knowledge, skills and behaviours using the  CIPD competency framework, the CIPD Professional Map.  You will also write a record of your own learning in the recent past, and plan your own future learning.

The overarching theme of this module is how L&D activities and processes need to be joined up and integrated with the work of the HR function in order to contribute to the overall productivity, profitability and sustainability of the organisation.

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