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Facebook is arguably the most popular social media site in the world with over 1.13 billion active users logging onto their accounts.


The highest rate of growth of the networking site is in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The growth rate for social media accounts in MENA between 2011-2017 is 191% compared with 46% Western Europe. In the Middle East, 58 million users log onto Facebook in comparison to 6.5 million for Twitter and 5.8 million for LinkedIn.  (go-gulf.ae/blog).


With this in mind, it is important to spend time planning the content for your Facebook page. Facebook users will often like your page if they see interesting content, are interested in the business, know the company or as a further networking tool for their own company.


It is proven that the most popular posts are ones that include original content. These may be photos or videos of your employees, clients and events which are occurring within your business. You can also share interesting content if you attend external events such as conferences, summits or graduate fairs. These are great networking opportunities both offline and online. Oakwood International recently attended the #MENAHR16 Summit in Abu Dhabi and used Facebook to share updates, photos and videos.  


Facebook is an important networking tool for any business. Not only can you post photos and videos, but also survey links and various competitions. Surveys and competitions are a great way to promote your business - these often receive more recognition and shares than simple photos and videos. Facebook also offers you the option of linking all your social media sites together increasing the traffic to your other social networking accounts and eventually back to your website.


Facebook also allows for customer interaction, either through comments to get conversations started, feedback on posts or through direct messages. Similarly, receiving both likes and comments boosts your company’s viral promotion. If someone ends up liking your page or commenting on one of your posts then it appears on their news feed for all of their friends to see. The more exposure you obtain the more likes your page is likely to receive.


Like many social media accounts, Facebook should be approached with a relaxed and fun perspective. However it is important to remember that it is ultimately representing your brand, so should be a fair representation of your business. 

Images @ The Independent 


Using Facebook for Business