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What does ‘CIPD’ mean?

The CIPD sets standards and qualifications for people working in Human Resources (HR) and in Learning and Development (L&D).

By Harry Puckering

Harry is Oakwood's Associate Consultant and works in our Associate Team
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The letters CIPD stand for Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.  This is a UK organisation with a 100 year history whose aim is to champion better work and working lives by improving practices in people and organisation development, for the benefit of individuals, businesses, economies and society.

As a registered UK charity, the CIPD was established to promote the art and science of the management and development of people for public benefit. It believes that by growing and developing a community of professionals that champion better work and working lives, it will help ensure that work creates value for individuals, organisations, economies and society. 

Its vision is to define and represent the international benchmark for excellence in people and organisation management and development.


The CIPD reached its current form in 1994, when two previous UK organisations merged: the Institute for Personnel Management and the Institute for Training and Development.  Its Chartered status was awarded in 2000 and is a recognition of professional competency by the UK Crown and Parliament.


The CIPD sets standards and qualifications for people working in Human Resources (HR) functions or departments, and in Learning and Development (L&D) functions and departments.  Oakwood International is proud to design and deliver the training courses, and to set and mark the assessments that enable its students to attain CIPD qualifications.


When you successfully complete an Oakwood CIPD Foundation Level 3 or Intermediate Level 5 programme, you can put the phrase ‘Assoc CIPD’ after your name on your business card, emails and letters.  So long as you maintain your membership of the CIPD, by paying your annual membership fee, this phrase after your name means that your competency as an HR or L&D professional is assured and internationally recognised.  CIPD membership is an international ‘license to practice' in HR or L&D.

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