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What motivates you Mr Tim?

Our Associate Director, Tim Malone, shares his expertise on motivation and the performance management process.

By Tim Malone

Tim is Oakwood's Associate Consultant and works in our Associate Team
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What motivates you Mr Tim? I am often asked this question by Oakwood students during  Module 2 their CIPD Level 3 Diploma in HR, when they are starting to prepare for their assignments regarding the link between Motivation Theory and Performance Management.


I believe that there is often a disconnect, between work and life in this area so first I encourage them to look inwards, as understanding our own motivations in personal life is a springboard to understanding what motivates others.  So, are they creative in hobbies or activities such as art, writing, or the gastronomic arena? Is sport or exercise something that they are passionate about? Why do they get out of bed in the morning? Why study for a CIPD qualification?


Next I encourage them then to think further about what is it they feel or enjoy about these activities. Invariably some are able to describe to me the satisfaction or sense of achievement derived from expressing themselves on paper or canvas, creating a new recipe for family and friends, or leading and being part of the winning sports team.  For others it is learning a new skill or developing an existing ability. In other words what benefit do they get from the activity, selflessly or from the point of self-interest.


Next matching motivation in life to motivation in work is about mirroring these motivators and highlighting transferability, something that we talk a lot about during our CIPD training programmes.


Understanding these motivators allows us the opportunity to encourage and engage others in the Performance Management process. Effective performance appraisal can act as motivation for an employee to improve their productivity, performance and ultimately their employability. When an employee sees the potential benefits of their goals clearly defined, and can draw a parallel to personal life motivators the effect can be to inspire the employee to achieve those goals.


Simple really! So, what motivates you?

At Oakwood International, we offer customised in-house training programs as well as accredited CIPDCIM and ILM qualifications that will help you achieve your personal and professional objectives. We are an accredited provider and we are proud to say that our educational services permit has been approved by KHDA.

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