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Why HR is Crucial to Business

Human Resources is one of the most crucial components of any company

Oakwood's Managing Director Janine Bunning has been interviewed by Jenny Kassis, Strategic Communications & Content Manager at InBusiness Magazine inbusiness.ae.  InBusiness Magazine is a brand new e-magazine aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs in the Middle East. 

Why HR is important

The interview was about how the Human Resources (HR) unit is one of the most crucial components of a business, yet not every organization succeeds in its HR practices. The HR department is the engine of a company’s growth and development, therefore managers from across the business should be mindful of the benefits of investing in and building strong relationships with their HR function.

The success of the HR function have a significant impact on the business, how the business operates and specifically who is recruited, developed and promoted into senior positions within the business. Janine spoke about how crucial it is that an organisation selects the right people to fit in with the culture, values and beliefs of the business.

“To me, Human Resources is about understanding the culture, the mission, vision and values of a business, it is about having real clarity of who you need to bring in to your business, why you need them, what they will do for you and how you will reward, coach and develop them. It is the entire package. The people side of the business makes the business profitable; people have pride in what they do, they have the sense of belonging. HR is vital to every business. It is not just a matter of hiring and firing nor filling forms for absence and leaves, it is a holistic view of the whole people and business partnership.”

HR in the Middle East

There is constant fluidity in Dubai and the pressure is mounting on employees but it does mean that there is no better time to study and achieve a professional qualification in CIPD, CIM and ILM. These professional qualifications can and do give a professional edge and an increased probability of salary increase, promotion and job security.

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