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What will a professional CIPD qualification do for my career?

Current market trends signal a growing demand for professional CIPD qualifications.

By Saima Arfeen

Saima is Oakwood's Associate Consultant and works in our Associate Team
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In a fiercely competitive global marketplace, where the demand and supply of jobs is significantly disproportionate, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals to constantly upskill themselves in order to stay relevant and in demand. One crucial tool that facilitates this transition is undertaking a professional CIPD qualification.


Professional qualifications are occupation related which involve a mix of theoretical and practical training. Usually, they are tied to a specific industry and are designed to help individuals upskill themselves for a particular career path. 


A professional qualification is usually made up of on-the- job training and various short courses, which when combined make up a qualification. Due to the nature of the training and the fact that it is built on practice, professional qualifications validate the individual’s competence and expertise. It therefore certifies that, having completed the course or training, the student possesses the essential knowledge and skills to perform the duties required of their profession.


There are certain careers that demand a professional qualification in order to be certified to practice, for example, accountants will need to complete their chartered accountancy certification in order to become a chartered accountant.


Given the challenging business environment that we live in, individuals often tend to ask ‘’Is doing a professional qualification worth it?’’ or ‘’What will a professional qualification do for my career?’’. These are very pertinent questions indeed when budgets are conservative, yet upskilling remains a priority.


In order to arrive at an informed decision, it is essential that individuals need to be pragmatic with regards to the professional qualification they wish to undertake.



Current market trends signal a growing demand for professional CIPD qualifications. The key thing to keep in mind is that a professional qualification will improve your employability and increase your knowledge and skills as organisations are becoming more knowledge savvy. It facilitates your personal and professional growth and organisations will want to hire talent which is skilled and certified - a win-win situation for all!  


If there is an over-supply of labour or professionals, a professional qualification sets you apart from the competition and increases your visibility to employers.


At Oakwood International, we offer customised in-house training programs as well as accredited CIPD, CIM and ILM qualifications that will help you achieve your personal and professional objectives. We are an accredited provider and we are proud to say that our educational services permit has been approved by KHDA.

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